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New Leaf Systems is a consulting, coaching, and research firm dedicated to assisting leaders interested in innovating toward the new business model: balancing environmental and social sustainability with economic vigor.

From getting C-Level and Board buy-in to benchmarking and stakeholder engagement, and beyond to implementation and ongoing evaluation, we help executives and management navigate the often
barrier-laden path toward sustainability.

We live in an increasingly global economy in which the effects of shrunken economies, broadened communication, and widespread meteorological incidents associated with climate change are leaving virtually no one untouched. As a result, a working knowledge of concepts such as the triple bottom line and sustainability have become mandatory. Systems thinking, foundational for grasping these concepts, is based on transdisciplinary theories, deriving in part from biology, physics, economics, philosophy, computer science, engineering, geography, and other sciences.

The media and the public have become savvy to corporate greenwashing, and government regulation, already pervasive in Europe, is imminent in the United States. Business practices are a subsystem of human activity, which is itself a subsystem of the biosphere we all depend upon for services, such as clean air and water, sufficient soils to produce food, and moderate weather.

Organizational sustainability practices are in the midst of becoming a required aspect of the social license to conduct business, and the use of a systems framework provides a coherent and eminently sensible way to comprehend the structure and logic that underlies this transition.

Green business efforts and stakeholder initiatives undertaken by those without the requisite understanding of sustainability and the trends related to it in the world of commerce risk adverse press, activist pressure, regulatory constraint, added expense, reduced revenue, and lowered valuation.

Our services offer a practical, relevant, and easily grasped approach to sustainability issues. We ground our work in empirical research, applied to corporate rationales, decision-making, and business processes. Our aim is to support leaders seeking concise, reliable, and current knowledge, trends, and assistance in leading their organizationsí corporate sustainability, social responsibility, and citizenship efforts so they can remain competitive and successful.

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