This technological innovation is an example of using a mindset for the radical reduction of resource use.  Radical reductions in resource use (water and energy in particular) are what is needed if we are to sustain any semblance of the lifestyle those of us in the developed world are used to.

This innovation uses a small fraction of the water and heating energy that even most “green” alternatives tout.  It is “disruptive” technology.

It’s a shower that purifies and recycles water as it is being used, reducing water usage by 90% and energy use by 80%, while also improving comfort and water quality.  Of course, while it reduces material resources, it also reduces out-of-pocket costs.

I first saw the system here:

They have their own website at:

The real reason this is technology is disruptive is that it can be applied toward many appliances and fixtures which use water.  The potential for resource and cost savings is tremendous.

Thank you, Orbital Systems, for being an example of the kind of thinking and technology that the world needs.